Keeping it real in postproduction, creative retouching and cgi.
For advertising and editorial photography.
With photographers, ad agencies and magazines.
Straight outta Düsseldorf or worldwide on location.
Portrait of studio owner Simon Schinken was selected for 200best [digital artist] 2023 by Lürzer's Archiv
Dedication from Frank Kayser to Simon Schinken in his book "R Gruppe"
interior picture of the Duesseldorf-based retouching studio
Coffee corner at
On production in Porto with Steffen Jahn for Renault and Publicis
On-location in Capetown with Alex Waltl for s.Oliver
Last print of our old Stylus Pro proof printer
Interior image of in Duesseldorf
Imacon Flextight scanner for high quality scans of analog film slides at